Michael Crowley


How to choose the right print

When it comes to choosing the right print there are 4 main things to consider:

   1. Size
   2. Material
   3. Framing
   4. Where are you going to hang your print

In this guide we'll briefly discuss your options, so you can choose the right print for you.


Choosing your print size is a personal choice, there's no right or wrong option. A small print can look just as spectacular and imposing as a large print depending on where you hang it. 

All Michael Crowley Art prints come in a variety of sizes.

Quality. Print quality remains the same regardless of size. 

Framing. It's important to remember that larger size prints will cost more to frame.

If you would like to purchase a print size other than what is offered, you can do so here.


All Michael Crowley Art prints are offered in 2 materials:

1. Paper: Bamboo Rag
2. Canvas: PhotoArt Pro Canvas

Both our canvas and paper prints are resistant to fading and yellowing.

Canvas prints are varnished prior to shipping, and it's recommended that paper prints be framed behind a quality non-reflective glass; with these techniques a well-maintained print will last a minimum of 200 years.

Bamboo Rag Paper

PhotoArt Pro Canvas


Framing is by far the most important consideration when choosing your print.

Canvas prints do not require glass framing. Due to their durability and the water-resistance of the material, canvas prints can be stretched across a cheap, light-weight pine frame and hung as-is. This will give the print a minimal and clean framed finish at minimal cost. There are many other framing options for canvas prints should you be willing to pay more. 

Size. A light-weight pine frame won't increase the size of your artwork
Cost. Pine framing is the most affordable framing option for any print
Durability. Very durable
Hanging options. Light-weight pine frames can be hung anywhere

Paper (Bamboo Rag)
It is highly recommended that paper prints be framed behind glass to protect them from liquid, dust, dirt and any other contaminants. Unlike canvas, paper prints cannot be cleaned easily, so it's recommended they are placed behind a glass frame. As we recommend glass framing for all paper prints, Michael Crowley Art does not offer paper prints in Large sizes because of the significant cost of framing and difficulty in hanging these prints; due to their weight, large glass frames are very difficult to hang safely. 

If you are aware of these considerations, but still wish to purchase a large paper print, you can request one here

Size. Aesthetically we recommend adding a border of 10cm around your framed print. Keep this in mind as it will increase the size of your artwork
Cost. Glass framing can be expensive
Durability. Paper prints in glass framing will last 200 years minimum
Hanging options. Large glass frames are heavy and difficult to frame

Paper print | Non-reflective glass frame | 10cm border

Where are you going to hang your print

It's important to use the measurements provided to figure out where to hang your print. 

Remember: There are different framing requirements for paper and canvas prints. Paper prints can dramatically increase the size and weight of your artwork making it difficult to hang

Large prints make great feature statements in an entry, lounge or dining area. Smaller prints are more versatile. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.